Moms, here is the secret to boost your mood - and your overall health

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The benefits of exercising are well known, but so are the excuses we find not to do it. I would always complain about being too tired and just not having the time - or energy - to exercise. It is usually easier for moms to find reasons to skip it, because we are generally depleted from nutrients since pregnancy and most of us have never found the information or necessary support to make a change. One of the reasons I decided to make Sproutly this place to grow is that it took years of suffering with depression, anxiety and other health issues until I could finally press the start button on taking care of my health for good. It took me a scare of almost losing both my parents for heart disease to start checking my own conditions and realizing I was moving forward on the same path. This is a personal and very special post for me to write, because it has to do with the significant change that has happened in my life. 

When you feel tired the last thing you want to do is add another exhausting chore to your routine. But here is the truth: exercise doesn't have to be high-intensity at first. It actually shouldn't be, because our adrenals are usually suffering much from our stressful routines and blood sugar imbalances. So if you start with a walk or a jog, some breathing and stretching exercises - that is wonderful. The important thing is to do something. Our bodies were created to move, our bones, our muscles need to work in order to maintain our health. We are not even talking about looks or shape, we are talking about function, wellbeing and longevity. 

You don't need a perfect scenario to start. I remember clearly how I wasn't feeling my best when I started waking up at 6am to do a workout. I set a goal for myself that I would do it 3x a week, a strength training session, and walk or stretch the other days. What works best for me is exercising in the mornings, because if I leave it to any other time of the day I will give up. I also decided to do weight training for all the well-known benefits such as improved metabolism, lowering inflammation, improved bone density, lowering risk of heart disease, and much more. I noticed I started feeling stronger and able to play and even carry my oldest kid (who is 9) back to the car from the park on a 107F Summer day! That felt amazing. Exercising releases endorphins and serotonin, which are chemicals that improve our mood. If you are feeling stressed and overwhelmed, which unfortunately is something that moms feel regularly, moving your body has the potential to improve your mood, to release all of those stress hormones while bringing relaxation and that feel good sensation from dopamine. 

Another interesting point to note about being active is that you bounce back quickly from life's events. From psychological and emotional challenges to physical ones such as surgeries, when you are active, when you exercise, your body recovers quickly, you feel in control of your emotions and less overwhelmed when something hits. This is also something that makes me so passionate about my job: being able to see firsthand how God's design is perfect, and how the human body is all connected: body, mind and spirit. Once you find the connection between nourishing your body, moving and meditating, casting your cares on the Lord, you see the beauty in which we were created. 

Now if you are reading this post and thinking "there is no way I could do this" or "I can't even think of exercising right now", I want you to reflect on the following: if you knew there is something free that will improve your quality of life which would have an impact on your whole family, wouldn't you do it? We moms know how to do hard things. I am here to encourage you from someone who used to be depressed, anxious and exhausted: start moving your body. Start small, but do something. And if you need that extra boost from nutrition, supplementation and lifestyle changes - I am here to help as a fellow mom. Please do not hesitate to reach out and we can start working together so you can reach your full potential!