Suffering from stress and anxiety? Two simple reasons might be affecting your body

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We live in a stressful society with crazy routines and busy schedules. For most people in the US, eating is on the run and drive-thru is perfect. If you ask any random stranger how often they exercise, I am confident the majority will say they do not have time for that. Self-care is very popular, but usually in form of a glass of wine or some minutes to just lay on the couch and check social media for a much “deserved” break, or maybe busy moms will have a pick-me-up coffee break in the afternoon to keep up with all demands. Life can be challenging in so many ways, so we have to prepare ourselves for the daily battles, and it demands a closer look into our diet and movement.

Increased heart rate, indigestion, gastritis, headaches, migraines, insomnia, constipation and many other health issues are usually signs that the body needs help. It shouldn’t be complicated: the human body will respond to whatever way you are treating it, simple cause and consequence. We are a combination of our choices, no excuses. Unfortunately, most of us were not raised with the proper knowledge about the importance of nutrition and movement, and how these two are the pillars for a healthy life.


Our food choices are abundant and unfortunately most of them are highly processed - they have been altered, mechanically manipulated, with addition of many chemical products (aka bad ingredients), usually higher in fat, sugar and/or salt. These alters the way our body works and overloads many of our organs, causing a number of health issues (you can learn about the ingredients that you should avoid when looking at products at the grocery store). Many foods we eat at chain restaurants have genetically modified or bioengineered ingredients, which can cause allergies, digestion problems, antibiotic resistance and so many other concerns.

Our digestive system highly impacts our immune system and therefore our ability to stay healthy. This is why proper nutrition is so important. A diet rich in sugar, carbohydrates and highly inflammatory oils (most vegetable oils in the market) will strain our organs. There are many studies about how sugar impacts the body in a dangerous way. Did you know most sodas and caffeinated beverages are loaded with sugar and can add stress to your body?


Most people in America have a sedentary lifestyle and that has a huge impact on mental and physical health. When we exercise our brain releases serotonin, and that boosts our mood, making us feel happier and relaxed.

We were created to move. We should view exercise as a way to honor our bodies, not a burden. Have you considered how you will do basic things when you are older, such as walking around the neighborhood with your grandchildren, going up and down stairs, or even walking to the bathroom without help? Or how building muscles impacts positively the joints, bones and overall health? It’s definitely not something exclusive for appearance, but for better functioning of the entire body, including better sleep, better mood, less stress and less anxiety. You don’t need a gym membership to exercise, you just need commitment day after day. Start with a brief walk, a bike ride, or maybe even rope jumps. Grab a few dumbbells from one of those resale social media groups, or ask a friend!